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Please read description carrefully as there are different options available.


For those who own the Haslab Unicron and/or Behold Galvatron which includes the Unicron Companion Upgrade Kit, there was something sorely missing with all the fun ships... the ability to place them on the Unicron Ship Stand or a stand alone ship stand if you do not have Haslab Unicron.


The original Haslab Unicron display only has one riser to add a ship, yet spaces for more risers that are not available.

If you own the Behold Galvatron (Mini Ships and Micro Figures) or even the Autobot ARK (inlcuding Optimus Prime Micro Figure there was no way to display them.


Until now!

We have created precise Resin ship base and stands that fit perfectly in the Base and the Ships to enhance this display piece.

For those who display Haslab Unicron in Robot mode, you can now remove the clear stand for his Head and replace with an additional ship stand to display all four ships at the same time.


UPDATED - We now offer a complete Base Stand and Ship Risers for those who do not own Haslab Unicron! We also sell the full fleet of ships (in other listing)



  • Now available in multiple Resin options:
  • Precise measures to work alone or with existing Haslab Unicron stand.
  • Resin is paint ready if another color or style is prefered.
  • Solid design for durability.
  • New base has 22 Micro Figure slots (vs original which only has 15) allowing more room and flexability in display options as well as room for all available Micro Figures.


Offered in 3 versions: (Please choose version from drop down to see prices)

2 Pack Risers - 2 standard ship risers for any of the 3 outer extenstions and meant to be used with the one clear stand privided with Haslab Unicron.


4 Pack Risers -  3 standard ship risers and 1 additional ship riser with larger peg for inserting in place the the Unicron Head stand.


Full Kit - 4Pack of Risers AND solid Resin base.


Material: Resin 




Crystal Green (Limited supply)


Opaque is treated with a high gloss clear coat for added clarity and sun/light protection to keep from yellowing over time.



Only the noted resin items are included. Unicron, Ships, Miniatures, original clear stands etc... are not included. Resin Ship sold seperately.


NOTE BEFORE YOU BUY: The small rectangle cut outs for the micro figures are all the exact same size. Some micro figures have minor variation in thier base sizes and may be slightly too large or too small. This is an issue even with the original Haslab Unicron stand so you may need to adjust/trim your figure's base to fit precisely. This is NOT a defect in the Resin Base, but a variation of the original figures we have no control over. Returns will not be accepted for micro figures not all fitting in the Resin base.


Notes on 3D print items.

  • 3D printed items are print to order so handling time is 3 business days for printing before shipping.



Did you know?

All of our items are shipped in boxes and wrapped to ensure the best possible delivery and protect your item(s). Does not matter on size or new/used - we wrap and protect everything.


Transformers Unicron Haslab Behold Galvatron Ship Stand Resin Upgrade 3D printed

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