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The Story of Prometheus Falling New and Used Toys

For over 35 years we have collected, traded, and sold new and vintage toys at Comic and Toy conventions. We sold items online but our real joy was selling and trading face to face with other toy and collectible enthusiasts.  

Like most we have had to change how we do business in 2020  and beyond to continue to trade, buy, and sell collections so we moved to an online presence and digital storefront.

In 2021 we introduced Cobra La Labs, a custom repro, replacement, and one of a kind items store for G.I. Joe and Transformers available only at PFT.

We continue our tradition of quality items at fair prices. For example our Ebay storefront has 100% positive feedback with a Top Seller level rating so you can buy with confidence either here or our Ebay store.

We hope you find items to add to your collection, or perhaps you are ready to sell or trade up/out what you have.

Either way we are excited to correspond and share our love of vintage toys with you.

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