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QTY: 1 Face Dome

Material: Resin

Color: Clear Resin default - other options available. Clear resin treated with Glosscote to protect from yellowing/UV ligh.

(See images for exact quality/clearness as these are extremly high quality but not plastic.)

Fit: Precise


(Please note these are tested on actual Secto-Viper figures we have here before being shipped but after 30+ years we cannot ensure all figures "in the wild" will have a perfect fit. Some may require minor sanding or adding a small dab of superglue (not to glue the item on) but to create a small filler left to dry on helmet before placing on figure.

Returns will not be accepted for a slightly tight or loose fit, only true defect of the item)


  • Resin and PLA replacement parts or 3D scanned to .01MM for ultimate quality.
  • Clear resin is a printed product and may have small lines/bubbles as part of the printing process. This is normal.
  • These replicas are designed to last and scalled to fit as close to the originals as possible.


Images above show 3D Print Replica (left) and original (Right) for true 1:1 comparison.


3D printed items are print to order so handling time is 3-5 business days for printing before shipping.


Did you know?

All of our items are shipped in boxes and wrapped to ensure the best possible delivery and protect your item(s). Does not matter on size or new/used - we wrap and protect everything.


We have other 3D replica replacement items available. We also do 3D scanning on request so reach out if you have something you want scanned/printed.

G.I Joe. ARAH Secto Viper Helmet Dome - Replacement Resin 3D Printed

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