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Massive lot of our own personal collection spanning 30 years.


We estimate this to have 3200 cards with no Basic lands. FInaly count may vary slightly but will NOT be less than 3200.

Estimate about 30% are Revised with some Unlimited and many of the earlier expansions like The Dark, Antiquities, Legends and more. (Sorry folks, no Alpha or Beta)


Then about a 3rd span 1996-2001 across mulitple expansions and range from common to rare.


Lastly the last batch are more mordern, also from Common to some rare.


Card condition is excellent. Older cards may show some usage but zero damage preventing them from play.

Any damaged cards or poor condition cards were removed from the lot so while some may show signs of same age, they are not damaged or incable of play. Many of the  cards are perfect.


There are some foils and other fun careds mixed in but to be transparent not very many.

Also, None of these came from pre-fabricated desks/commander/plainswalked decks. These are all my own colelction of boosters over 30 years of playing and collecting.


Part of our own personal collection. Original owner



  • These ARE NOT PSA certified/graded.



Items ship in boxes to protect shipment.

Only specific items listed are included. Other items/background items are not part of sale


MAGIC THE GATHERING Common to Rare Revised to Modern Lot 3200+ cards 1994+

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