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ARAH VAMP Mk 2 replacement resin for

  • L/R Door covers (Sold as set for both sides)
  • L/R Rear Gas/Water cans (Sold as set for both sides)
  • Missile Rack (Part that holds the missiles)
  • Missile Mount (Connects Rack to Jeep)
  • Full Kit (complete set of all of the above at discount)


  1. Missile Rack WILL fit the original mount if you alreayd have the mount however the Missile Rack is one peice, not 2 and does not come part.
  2. Mount can be used with original Missile Rack
  3. Mount/Rack are able to pivot like original.
  4. Doors and Gas Cans connect like originals, no modification needed.
  5. Fits origin al 80's ARAH Vamp Mk2


QTY: 1

Material: Resin

Color: Grey (Originals shown for reference only.)



Please read the description and all details carefully as these items are custom print to order and cannot be returned unless damaged at delivery. (If it is in red, it is important!)



  • Combined shipping available for multiple item orders. Overage will be refunded once actual shipping is determined for combined items.


    Notes on 3D original or replica items.

  • Replacement parts come unpainted unless otherwise noted, but are all ready to paint with Acrylic or Model paints.
  • These replicas are designed to last and scaled to fit as described on original toys without alteration. In some rare cases minor differences of originals may require some minor adjustment to work with replacement/replica products.
  • Only the items described in the listing are included. Original figures and/or accessories are NOT included and shown for reference only.
  • 3D printed items are print to order so handling time is 3-5 business days for printing before shipping.


  • We offer combined shipping.
  • All of our items are shipped in boxes and wrapped to ensure the best possible delivery and protect your item(s). Does not matter on size or new/used - we wrap and protect everything.
  • We have other 3D replica replacement items available. We also do 3D scanning on request so reach out if you have something you want scanned/printed.

Resin and PLA are excellent for display, painting and customizing. They are not molded/injected plastic toys and are fragile. Please use care in handling and avoid drops or any excessive pressure on parts. As a collectible/custom printed item breaks are not acceptible for returns so please note you are buying a display item, not a toy.

G.I. Joe ARAH VAMP Mk2 Turret Mount/Rack Door and Gas Cans Replacement Resin 3D

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