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March 5 2023 Update - 

  • We have new and updated fabric options and pictures!

QTY: 1 cape

Material: Varies

Color: Varies

Fit: Precise


Please read fully and ask questions as custom order items are considered "All Sales Final"


Choose your options to see final total as price varies by fabric and stamp options.


Dr. Minbender and Serpentor custom capes in Classified 6" scale

  • All capes are custom laser cut for excellent clean edges. We also laser cut the arm holes for long life and minimal fabric degradation. Edges are not sewn. 


Fabric Options

  • Blue Shimmer (Shiny outer blue reflective layer, black inner layer)
  • Regal Scale (Limited supply of this fine dual layer material, green scaled outer layer, black inner layer)
  • Black Micro Felt - Thick black fabric, tiny bit plush
  • Green Micro Stretch - Flexible/stretchy like more classic capes from 80's
  • Gold Sparkle - Discontinued
  • Black Satin - Discontinued
  • NEW - Dark Green - No stretch
  • NEW - Snake Skin - Green shiny texture - Plastic like - Very Limited Supply
  • NEW - Emerald - Shiney Green with some stretch
  • NEW - Faux Leather - Shiney black with some stretch - Silver logo really pops on this one!


  • Optional Cobra Logo
    •  Silver
      • Cobra logo is Oil Based Fabric Stamped.
      • These are not transfers so they flex and move with the fabric. (See sample images for expectations on stamping quality and luminosity/shine, especially on black micro fibre cape where is it more dull due to fabric type.
      • Not viable on all fabrics
      • Logo is laser carverd into the fabric to create a pristine logo.
      • Darker but very fine quality (See images)
      • The following fabrics can get laser etched (All others are stamped black instead of etching
        • Blue Shimmer
        • Regal Scale
        • Black Micro-Stretch
        • Dark Green


SILVER stamp available on the following fabrics only - (They won't come out correctly)

  • Regal Scale
  • Black Micro Felt
  • Black Faux Leather


Can be used to replace or with most figures in 6" scale!

These are made custom order so there is up to a 5 day handling time before they ship.

Items are shipped in a bubble mailer but FLAT, not folded.

Relisted in March 2023  to allow new options. See our feedback, dozens sold in the last year!


Looking for custom or alternative fabrics - Message us to see what we can do!

G.I Joe. ARAH Serpentor Mindbender custom capes Classified scale new options

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