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UPDATED - New Version 3.0 available. Item : 285541895381


Version 2.0 still available at no increase in cost

Version 2 Features:

  • Single Resin Pod, not two halves and no seam.
  • Molded opening to fit the snake body without any "cumberbun" filler.
  • Revised torso adapter for a cleaner look.
  • Available in Resin Only.


We are proud to offer our third original/custom upgrade to the G.I Joe ARAH line.


Golobulus has always been one of the most unique ARAH figures with his TechnoBiological look and a friggen SNAKE TALE but in reality he spends 95% of the G.I Joe the movie floating around in his Bio-Pod.


Now you can display the illustrious Cobra Originator in his very own BIO POD. (Sorry, it does not float)


Top opening allows for easyily adding the figure and the tale slips easily out of the back to avoid any stress on the tail or wire inside.


  • Grey Resin (Ready to Paint)
  • Green Translucent Resin.


Resin is a 100% solid material all through and has higher resolution/visual quality.


Each order includes!

  • POD -  Pod is a single part/print.
  • "Once a Man" Adapter - For those who prefer a total clean look or do not have the snake half of the figure, you can not attach this lower connector to the figure. (However it does require you to unscrew the figure to add the adapter)


  • Golobulus or any other figures ARE NOT included and shown for reference only.



  • 3D printed items are print to order so handling time is 3-5 business days for printing before shipping.


Did you know?

  • All of our items are shipped in boxes and wrapped to ensure the best possible delivery and protect your item(s). Does not matter on size or new/used - we wrap and protect everything.
  • We have other 3D replica replacement items available. We also do 3D scanning on request so reach out if you have something you want scanned/printed.
  • We offer combined shipping.



G.I Joe. ARAH Golobulus Cobra La Custom Body Pod Bio PodResin 3D Printed

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