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This is a Digital Edition in PDF format OF Evolution Earth - from Mentally Unbalanced Press



Welcome to Evolution Earth The Role Playing Game


Evolution Earth the RPG takes the player on a whirlwind adventure set in Earth of the not to distant future. (Or Past since it was published first in 1997)


An alien invasion has torn the planet in two. Now the components of both sides linger, waiting for the chance to rise again and dominate the planet they call home.

Aliens and humans are now allied in this single cause on two sides of a planetary cold war.


Whether playing an alien supporter, human dissident or something in between, you hold the key to taking back a world you claim to be yours.


Evolution Earth asks you to come home. To leave behind the myriad of fantasy and science-fiction that has come before and look out your window and let your imagination thrive. Evolution offers 50 years of back story, characters and strife, like every good hero’s journey and every good story since the Epic of Gilgamesh, but the game does not reside in that history or in that story. The game resides in you. In your game masters desire to run a world both familiar and wild, not too far into the past nor too far into the future, but clearly changed.

As you read through Evolution Earth think of Chicago laid waste, but Milwaukee untouched. Think of walking down your suburban street, watching the geese land nearby, and knowing, in the back of your mind, that your very genetic structure is changing, altering to

become something new, something reborn. Think of all the great totalitarian struggles you have ever read or seen. In a cynical liberal world of 2007 imagine the President, along with the Christian conservatives gaining total control of the entire western hemisphere in a tight fist...or better, imagine yourself, a part of the revolution, dug in a trench in an Iowa farm field, now devastated by impact craters, alongside a glorious race of creatures, the Krakarin, massive, armored, showing you the power in your mind, in your very essence.


Evolution seeks to take you on a ride. The ride, like any good role playing game, rests in the imagination of the players. We, the writers, offer you back story and characters, but the ride begins after these characters and this story, the ride begins with your imagination.




Evolution Earth - The Role Playing Game DE

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