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The G.I Joe ARAH Cobra BUGG! Complete and in near perfect shape!


Condition: Excellent - Did very detailed cleaning and restoring including polish and restore of clear plastic. Item is as pictured with original decalls and ZERO boken turrets.



  • Cleaned and restored 100% complete Cobra BUGG from 1988
  • Original Secto Viper with GUN AND CLEAR HELMET. AMAZING condition with great color and strong joints.
  • Also has all original parts including all 4 seat belts.
  • Guns in great chape, hold position.
  • There was a single proken missile tab which was glued back into place, but hols missile fine.
  • Both Ski sleds and missiles included.
  • File card may not be original. I got it online seperately but has a sturdy cardback and look perfect for display.


What IS NOT included.

Original Box


Release: Original

Repairs: One missile clip Left side glued back into place, otherwise everything is original and in perfect condition.

Joints/Turrets: Very good


Please note: Repairs would be any major repairs, glue, or changes from the original manufactured item. This DOES NOT include of the O-ring has been replaced. IE, it may have a new O-Ring


Items pictures are actual item.

  • Any accessories shown are included excluding the base.


Item will be carefully packed. Some items will be removed (Like missiles) before shipping to help ensure safe delivery.


Please ask any questions before purchase.

G.I. Joe ARAH Cobra BUGG complete and restored w/Secto Viper