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This is an updated version of our original Trouble Bubble in Classified (6") Scale. Please read for details on options available starting July 2022.


NEW IN SEPT 2022 - Red Resin Dome Option


QTY: 1

Material: Resin or PLA

Color: White PLA or Resin

Fit: Classified Scale 6" figures


Please read the description and all details carefully as these items are custom print to order and cannot be returned unless damaged at delivery. (If it is in red, it is important!)



Based on the classic Trouble Bubble design this 6" Classified Scale model is perfect for your Cobra Troops or other 6" scale figures.



  • Hollow core main body in PLA (durable and light, but may show fine print lines) or solid core Resin (Solid and super high detail) - Both are 1 piece.
  • Attacheable rear jetpack with fins (Fins do not move)
  • NEW June 2022 - Clear Resin canopy option with zero pins or screws.
    • More durable then vacuform design. 2mm solid resin vs 1mm Vacuform.
    • Friction mount means it can be positioned opened, closed, or removed fully without removing any pins.
    • Cobra symbol now direct printed for finer detail.
    • Decent overal clarity using our special clear resin printing and finishing technique. Not as clear as vacuform clear plastic but 2x as thick, very durable... and can be paintined!
  • Vacuform Dome option now 1mm material upgraded from .75mm.
  • Front gun with new stronger magnet attachment to body. (Pivots)
  • Scaled "Mine" with removeable faceplate.


Added love went into this model like adding the Cobra Logo to the seat back and other fine details around the "gaps" from the original toy to give it a finished look and feel without taking away the overall  asthetic of the original.


Please note:

  • You MUST choose either Vacuform or Resin canopy.
  • You acknowledge by choosing Vacuform is extremely clear (transparent) plastic but also very thin and fragile and contains less overal detail then Resin. (See images)
  • You acknowledge by choosing Resin Canopy, it may not be perfectly transparent (see images) and clear resin printing can have tiny bubbles in the resin (Again, see images)
  • Figure IS NOT included and shown for scale reference.
  • Item is unpainted, painted version(s) shown for reference only.
  • PLA orders will inlcude the main body in PLA (Plastic) however missiles, mine, jetpack and gun will be Resin to retain quality and weight distribution.
  • Resin and PLA are excellent for display, painting and customizing. They are not molded/injected plastic toys and are fragile. Please use care in handling and avoid drops or any excessive pressure on parts. As a collectible/custom printed item breaks are not acceptible for returns so please note you are buying a display item, not a toy.
  • The item pictures give a sense for the final product size and quality.


Due to the size and complexity, these 3D printed items are print to order and handling time up to 5 business days for printing before shipping.


Did you know?

All of our items are shipped in boxes and wrapped to ensure the best possible delivery and protect your item(s). Does not matter on size or new/used - we wrap and protect everything.

G.I. Joe ARAH Classified Trouble Bubble 3D Printed Resin_PLA Updated

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